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Youth Environmental Centre hosts “Water+” Project Final


On 19 April, the winner of the career-guide, environmental awareness-building project “Water+” was chosen at the Youth Environmental Centre (YEC). This time, the team of the Children’s Public Association “Chaika” won.

The Water+ Project designed for 8-10-year school students is held twice a year and consists of several phases. At first, children get training at YEC, go on an excursion to the Underground Petersburg exhibition where they learn how modern water supply and wastewater disposal systems function. Then the project participants use the knowledge they have acquired to develop their own water supply projects for a hypothetical city.

“It is important to give children a possibility to get an insight into science, technology and industry. Creating their own projects, they understand how the vital systems, water supply and sewerage, are arranged, what the key components of the systems are, and what efforts and human resources are required. Moreover, they feel like adults, - the children often write in their feedback that they liked to be treated like equals”, - said Elena Ivanova, senior specialist of the Information and Training Centre Career Guidance and Awareness-Raising Unit.

At the Final, school students defend their projects in the presence of a “mayor” having obtained “approvals” of relevant “committees”. The YEC specialists playing the role of the committees officials ask them different questions, and the students are expected to give detailed answers, e.g. what disinfection technologies are used at the city’s water utilities, how sewage is treated at wastewater treatment plants, what impact the plants have on the environment, where electricity comes from, etc. The teams get scores for correct answers, and “the committees” and “the mayor” announce the winner depending on the scores.

The winner team gets a diploma and a present and, which is more important, a permission to visit South-West WWTP or Main Water Treatment Plant and look at all complex processes with their own eyes.