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Vodokanal receives delegation from Kazakhstan


On 23 April, the delegation of managers and specialists from Kazakhstan water companies headed by V.V. Sindyukov, the President of “Kazakhstan Su Arnasy” (Association of Kazakhstan Water Companies) came to 56 Shpalernaya st. for a meeting with Vodokanal. A.N. Danilov, the first deputy director general of Vodokanal, described Vodokanal activities, its key facilities and the treatment / disinfection technologies applied. The guests watched a detailed presentation about water supply and sewerage systems in St. Petersburg which highlighted the company activities aimed to improve the quality of life in the city and preserve the environment.

A special emphasis was made on direct contracts with customers, operation of snow-melting stations and snow reception centers, the Water Cluster, and the construction of intercepting sewers to divert municipal sewage.

On 23-25 April, the delegation will visit Northern WWTP, the Universe of Water museum complex, the Water College and the Water Academy to know more about Vodokanal activities.