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The youth of three states has defined the future of the Gulf of Finland


On Monday 28th July, the delegation of Russian children returned from the international eco-camp. St.Petersburg schoolchildren engaged in the activities of the Youth Environmental Centre of SUE “Vodokanal of St.Petersburg” participated in the development of the Youth Declaration on the Gulf of Finland Protection.

The eco-camp was organized in Finland from 23 till 27 July in the territory of Meriharjun Nature House and Harakka Nature Center.

Children from three states (Russia, Finland and Estonia) worked in mixed groups. It enabled them to discuss problems of the Gulf of Finland and its future from different points of view. Schoolchildren considered the issues related to the maritime traffic and fishery, discussed the use of water in big cities and the possibilities to reduce water consumption, talked of the Gulf of Finland biodiversity and many other things. The main task defined by the children is to protect the Gulf of Finland and to seek the balance between the nature, social and economic components today and in future.

Children from Russia emphasized the importance of the environmental education. They also proposed to conduct more classes in the open air including the coast of the Gulf of Finland.    

The discussion led to the development of the Youth Declaration. The declaration was drawn up in two parts: video film and the text document. Children shot the film by themselves in the course of training. 

One of the principles enunciated by the eco-camp children in the declaration – Think Globally, Act Locally. They urge old and young to be more responsible to the environment and do the best for the protection of the Gulf of Finland.   

Children, who participated in drafting the Youth Declaration, will take part in the festive meeting of the Public Councils of Russia, Finland and Estonia dedicated to the Gulf of Finland Year 2014 trilateral cooperation project on 19 September in Tavrichesky Palace. They will officially hand over the declaration to the authorized representatives of three states.

It is to be recalled that the organizers of the eco-camp on the island of Harakka were the Interregional Non-Governmental Youth Organization “Friends of the Baltic”, Tallinn Environmental Department, Finnish Environment Institute, Helsinki Environmental Centre, Finnish Association of Biology and Geography Teachers (BMOL) and Finnish Nature League - Luonto-Liitto.

St.Petersburg schoolchildren started the preparation for their trip to the eco-camp already in March this year. Vodokanal’s Youth Environmental Centre conducted specially for these children the topic-related classes during which children learnt about the Gulf of Finland, the Baltic Sea, the need to preserve their biodiversity as well as came to know the concept of eutrophication. Children, who demonstrated the best achievements in training, went to Finland.