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The Universe of Water” Museum invites to take part in a family race


«The Universe of Water» Museum complex invites everyone to a new excursion programme, timed to the World Day of Water and the Baltic Sea, which is called “The Family Race”.

The programme can be visited on March 19, 20, as well as March 26 and 27. The Organizers guarantee a lot of fun to all the visitors of “The Universe of Water” on these days.

For example, little children, who will be visiting the Museum together with their parents, will be able to create their own fleet: they will be offered pictures of various ships, which travelled on the River Neva in different time in history. Children will be suggested to “bring this fleet to life” and decorate the ships. Adults will be able to join the children or watch the film “Harbours, shipyards and docks”. After the fleet has been created the children will go sailing. The guide will suggest to the programme participants to compete in the art of rigging and learn to make sailor’s knots. It is known that every sailor, even a cadet, must know this art.

The participants of “The Family Race” will be taking part in fortune telling. Those, who are willing, will be able to find out their fortune for the near future, and will be water that will help them in this business. And after a lecture about the history of water use in Russia, about wells and Russian baths, museum visitors will be able to tell their fortunes by wisp of bast to come to know whether their cherished wish will come true or not.

And, of course, “The Family Race” will include a lot of interesting facts about water, its properties, exciting films (about water expeditions and the port town of Kronshtadt), alongside with a see of positive emotions.