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The Gulf of Finland Night at the Water Museum


On the night of 17 /18 May, about 7,000 visitors attended the Universe of Water Museum Complex.

Museums at Night – an annual event dedicated to the International Museum Day.   This year all the Museums at Night programs were united by the common theme – Light and Color.  In St. Petersburg, about hundred city museums opened their doors to night-birds. 

The Water Museum has been participating in the Museums at Night event since 2008. This year a special night program was linked to The Gulf of Finland Year. The Gulf of Finland Year is celebrated in three countries – Russia, Finland and Eastland, and visitors could get acquainted not only with features of this common to all water body but also with cultural traditions of the neighboring countries.  

The Museum began its work on 17 May, at 6 pm. The route started at the tower entrance. A festival dedicated to the Gulf of Finland Year was held there. The Neva Droplet invited kids and adults to take part in a drawing contest dedicated to the Baltic Sea and its inhabitants and helped the moderator hold contests.  As part of the contest program, visitors to the Museum answered quiz questions and took part in the construction of water supply and wastewater systems.  Artists of the Koleso folk ensemble helped learn elements of Russian and Finnish folk dances, and the public gladly danced a Russian quadrille and a Finnish polka.  A café and a souvenir shop were opened to visitors; a lot of people snapped photos of themselves at the tower, fountains and face cutouts  that depicted  a mermaid, seals, a water carrier and girls in national costumes of Russia, Finland and Eastland.

Thanks to the special route, all the three exhibitions were available in one visit.  Groups gathered in the museum exhibition hall.  Over there visitors could see schoolchildren’s works - environmental installations, which children presented recently as part of the completion of the Russian and Finnish Project “Awareness Raising of the Youth under the Activities of the International Advanced Water Technologies Centre”.  From videos visitors could get some information on the Youth Environmental Centre and Help the Pinnipeds project, under which zoologists nurse baby seals got into trouble. 

Employees of the Youth Environmental Centre organized a quiz dedicated to the Gulf of Finland, the Baltic Sea, color and light at the water tower exhibition. In order to give an answer, each team had to light a color lamp on its table. The quiz was very lively as contained a lot of song questions. At the end of the quiz members of the winning team got memorable souvenirs.

Visitors of the Underground World of St. Petersburg exhibition (in the left annex to the water tower) got acquainted with the history of St. Petersburg water networks, water reclamation technologies applied in the city, wastewater treatment characteristics.

The Universe of Water exhibition was the last in the route. Participants witnessed a fascinating multi-colored test with water; they tried to guess from water color the source of water samples – a swamp, river, sea or tap; looked at reproductions of marine painters. And the final chord - a dramatic movie about the power and beauty of water.