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Big Wave Festival opens in the Water Museum


On 20 July, the festival “Big Wave in St. Petersburg” dated to coincide with the Marine Day in Japan, opened in 56 Shpalernaya st. The festival was held in Russia for the first time.

The opening ceremony was attended by honorary guests from the Land of the Rising Sun: Mr. Hideto Watanabe, Acting Consul General of Japan, and Ms. Yuki Hayashi, Attache.

The event began with the welcome words of the Festival organizers. Then, the visitors of the exhibition were greeted by Viktor D. Kozlov, Director of Vodokanal’s Information and Training Centre. He mentioned that the visitors had a chance to get imbued with the rich culture of Japan without leaving Russia. Mr. Watanabe spoke about the importance of conserving natural resources: “This event was organized not only to discuss the paintings. It makes you aware of the value and importance of water.”

Before the official part of the Festival, the participants visited the exhibition of paintings made on rice paper using ancient painting techniques. In addition to the paintings, the visitors saw various objects made in the technique of origami, the ancient Japanese art of folding paper figurines.

The festival will last four days, each offering a diverse programme. The guests can try their hand in Japanese painting, play the Japanese drums, attend an open Japanese lesson and discover many new things in the culture and history of Japan.