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“Art Group 10” presents its view of St. Petersburg


The opening ceremony of the “Art Group 10” exhibition will be held in the exhibition hall of the “Universe of Water” multimedia exhibition complex at 16:00 on February 6th.

The “SPb. The subjective factor” name of the exhibition was not chosen by chance. The project is dedicated to St. Petersburg, its present, future, its uniqueness and incredible charm. Petersburg can be perceived as a personal space. Everyone finds something of his own in this city, “designs” one’s unique mind image following to a longer acquaintance.

The advantage is given to works dedicated to casual St.Petersburg, its daily life and specific texture. The exhibition is designed to show the fabric of the urban environment, its unique patterns and outlines. The exhibition features black-and-white graphic and print works (photos, printing techniques, computer graphics).

What determines the originality of our beloved city? Everyone will receive own answer at the “Art Group 10” exhibition.

The exhibition will run from February 6th to February 17th from 10:00 to 18:00