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About 8,000 people visited the Water Museum during the “Museums at Night” event


The Universe of Water museum complex in 56 Shpalernaya st. participated in the international event “Museums at Night” for the eighth time. The night programme attended by 8,000 people lasted 12 hours. Precise data on the number of visitors will be known when St. Petersburg Organizing Committee fully sums up its results.

The name of the night Water Museum programme was “Went through fire to save water”. It began on Saturday, May 16, at 6.00 p.m. and ended on Sunday, May 17, at 6.00 a.m.

This year, the museum guests chose one of two proposed excursions: the Water Tower floors or the Universe of Water exhibition. Due to the new approach of the Water Museum to the programme organization, visitors spent less time in queues.

The guests did not get bored waiting for excursions. The historical installation with disguise facilities, a repair pit and a siege kitchen garden was deployed in the museum territory. This installation functions within the inter-museum project “Orders to survive!”. Seeing around the installations, visitors learned how Leningrad residents lived and worked during the siege and how Lenvodokanal employees protected the Main Water Treatment Plant.

The music quiz with karaoke dedicated to the war movies was held in the field cinema. Moderators told about movies, authors and singers, interesting facts related to those music pieces.

Moreover, those who wish visited the exhibition “I am with Vodokanal; I remember and stand proud” in the Water Museum hall. This exhibition consisted of family archives of Vodokanal’s employees.

Contest games and the performance by “Koleso” folk show group were represented on the stage in front of the water carrier monument. Adults and children could draw Victory theme pictures and leave them. The organizers will invite authors of the best works to visit Water Museum later.

During the Universe of Water tour night bird visitors were told about water and the war. They remembered bridges and the life line across the Ladoga, the enemies and allies of the USSR in World War II, the siege of Brest fortress…

During the historic tour in the Water Tower the guides’ stories interspersed with quizzes. On the second, fourth and sixth floors there were two stops. For example, at first on the fourth floor the night bird visitors learned that when the Tower had been in operation it had daily supplied one and half million buckets of water to the city. In those days it was a lot. 3.5 buckets (43 l) of water was for every resident, and people were happy.  To date, 140 l of water per day is per capita in St. Petersburg.

Another stop on that floor was at the window with a collection of sanitary equipment. Visitors were offered to play an original version of the game “What? Where? When?”.

On the top floor visitors were told about everyday life of the Main Waterworks’ employees during the war, who had to stay at their work places. Many guests heard for the first time about growing vegetables at plant kitchen gardens and issuing the handwritten newspaper “Gardener”.  The tower tour ended on the viewing platform offering a view of the Neva River and its banks.  

A café worked near the Tower, where one could get out of the rain and wind, warm up with hot tea. Visitors, in addition to refreshment, watched videos about the current programmes of the Water Museum and Youth Environmental Centre.

Victors to the Museum noted the good programme organization, forethought of routes and attention to details.