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The underground reservoir for storing of clean water, where the multimedia exhibition “The Universe of Water” opened in 2008 is situated, was built in the second half of 80s of the XIX century. Its creation was related to the construction of the first water filters at the pipelines in St. Petersburg.

The water treatment process was as follows. Water went gradually through the slow English filters with sand filling and then was fed into the accumulator tank with the special drainage system and channels. The staff which operated the filtration station moved on the reservoir by boats.

The characteristic of the former reservoir building (where the exhibition “The Universe of Water” is located now) is a big amount of columns supporting a not high arched ceiling. It means that the complex task for the designers was to provide a flat building of big area with a reliable and hermetic roof. The columns supporting concrete ceiling were installed on the foundation made of rubble stone. The granite columns were made in Finland. It was decided to make them of granite instead of brick as it was necessary to save internal space as much as possible.

Due to this structural particularities of the building, the exhibition “The Universe of water” makes an impression of a specific maze where each corner opens a new water mystery for a visitor.

Today, knowledge about the water is stored where water itself was formerly kept

View of the Universe of Water hall