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56 Shpalernaya street (metro station “Chernyshevskaya”)

Open hours:

Monday-Tuesday 10.00 a.m.–6.00 p.m. (only for organized groups)

Wednesday–Sunday 10.00 a.m.–7.00 p.m.

+7 (812) 275‑43‑25
+7 (812) 438‑43‑01

About us

The Universe of Water museum complex is a part of the Information and Training Center of SUE “Vodokanal of St. Petersburg”.

The exhibitions are located in the Water Tower and in the former clean water reservoir of the Main Water Treatment Plant.

The museum complex is very easy to be found: It is situated at 56 Shpalernaya Street opposite Tavricheskiy Palace. Besides, the Water Tower that has become the symbol of Saint-Petersburg Vodokanal can be seen from the distance.

Today, the museum complex comprises three expositions:

- “The Water World of St. Petersburg” (the historical exhibition inside the Water Tower). It shows the history of water systems of different nations and history of water supply in Saint-Petersburg. Wells and wooden pipes, brass wash basins and ceramic washstands, old drawings and photos are among the exhibits.

- “The Underground World of St. Petersburg” (the multimedia exhibition in the left annex to the Water Tower). This is a trip underground tracing the route of water from the intake to the flats via pipes and back to wastewater treatment plants. Here, visitors can also look at one of the biggest models of the city historical center.

- “The Universe of Water” (the multimedia exhibition in the former clean water reservoir of the Main WTP). Here, everything is about water. Water as the greatest mystery. Water as a medication. Water as a destructor. Water as a standard. Water as music. Multimedia technologies and effects are combined with the exhibits that visitors can touch. The space around visitors is changeable as water itself: sounds, visuals, illumination is changing.

Exhibitions “The Underground World of St. Petersburg” and “The Universe of Water” are available only with guided tours (weekend tours are possible for individuals). The exhibition “The Water World of St. Petersburg” can be visited both with a tour group and individually.

The museum complex specialists have also developed more than ten interactive programs for children of different ages (from preschool children to teenagers).

Family thematic interactive programs as well as programs related to different holidays and events are regularly held in the museum (you can find further information about special offers here).

Special exhibitions are provided in the right annex to the Water Tower.

The museum complex is closed on Monday and Tuesday.

You can find open hours details here.

Every year, the Museum complex of Vodokanal participates in the International Event - Museums at Night

Water Сarrier Monument in front of the Water Tower

Fountain in the territory of the Information and Training Centre