56 Shpalernaya street (metro station “Chernyshevskaya”)
From 10.00 to 19.00

(812) 438-43-75
(812) 275-43-25
(812) 438-43-01

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What is the best way to get to the museum complex?

Answer: The museum complex is located at 56 Shpalernaya street opposite Tavrichesky Palace. The nearest metro station is Chernyshevskaya. You can walk from the station (about 20 minutes) or go by public transport (buses №46, №54, №74, minibus taxis №76K). More detailed map can be found on our website in ”Contacts”.


Where can I park near the museum?

Answer: The museum complex is located at 56 Shpalernaya street. The nearest parking places are at Tavricheskaya street and Vodoprovodny lane.


How to book a tour for 20 school students to the exhibition “The Universe of Water”?

The cost of a guided tour for school students to the exhibition “The Universe of Water” will be 2000 rubles (20 people + 1 accompany free of charge) + Admission ticket for one person,should be paid for in addition to the guiding service – 100 rubles.

Also in the ”Interactive programs” you can find options for excursions and their cost for children of elementary and secondary school age. To order the tour you need to contact us by telephone +7 (812) 438-41-01 or +7 (812) 275-43-25.


Is it possible to make reservation for a guided tour (family of 4 persons), if we want to come to the museum on Saturday/Sunday?

Answer: You do not need to make reservation, the tickets are bought at the museum cash desk on first-come-first-serve basis. We recommend you to arrive 20-30 minutes in advance in order to buy tickets for the tour needed. Excursions timetable can be found in the ”Tour schedule”. The cost of visiting the exhibitions are represented in the section “Prices”.

Please note that all excursions are in Russian. If you plan to arrange an excursion in English please call +7 (812) 438-43-25 or +7 (812) 275-43-25 or send an email to h2o-museum@vodokanal.spb.ru.


Do you accept bank cards for payment?

Answer: Yes, we accept payment by bank cards at the museum cashier desk. Ticket prices you can find in the section ”Prices”.


How many people are needed to collect an “organized group” and to make reservation for a guided tour on a week day?

Answer: The cost of tours for groups can be found in the section “Prices” (end of the table). The organized groups are the groups of 10-20 people. To book the group visit you are requested to specify date and time of your visit by telephone: +7 (812) 275-43-25, +7 (812) 438-43-01