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The Universe of Water

The aim of the multimedia exhibition “The Universe of Water” located in the former clean water reservoir of the Main Waterworks close to the Water Tower is to demonstrate, to the fullest extent, the meaning of water for our planet and for the life of each person.

The complex exhibition includes a great number of elements, each of which represents a particular aspect of water existence and all of which establish a full picture of today's knowledge of water, reflect traditions of water use and show the problems related to preservation of water on the earth.

The exhibition is based on multimedia technologies and effects, spatial and text objects. Images emerging and interchanging each other in the space of the big hall, changing sound and light themes bring a spectator to the atmosphere continuously moving like water itself.

 One of the main subjects of the complex exhibition is “Water in Nature”. This section represents the modern knowledge about the origin of water on the Earth, its unique features, chemical composition and circulation. A visitor reveals secrets kept by water and gets acquainted with scientific hypothesis and our ancestors’ interpretation of the role of water in the universe.

Coming through the central passage of the hall of the multimedia complex a visitor will weather the turn of the seasons within just seconds: he/she will be overtaken by snow and autumn rain; will see spring thunderstorm and summer rainbow. Big screens will show the different appearance of water in nature – it may be beautiful and strong but sometimes – dangerous.

Moving further through the labyrinth of the exhibition hall, a spectator will successively watch videofilms on separate screens which disclose waters world from different perspectives:

  • “Appearance of water of the Earth’s surface”
  • “Water – unique substance”
  • “Water properties” (chemical and physical properties, information memory of water)”
  • “Music of water”
  • “Water circulation”
  • “Water paradoxes”
  • “Water in the world’s religious ceremonies”
  • “Mineral water and medical properties of water” 
  •  “Fairytales and legends about healing by water”…

The space of this section is attributed by different exhibits. Each of them illustrates or supplements what was seen on the screen; create vivid associations, provoke creative thinking and wish to find something new in habitual things. Nearly all the objects are uncovered: you can touch, operate and test them etc.

There are different data related to water - literary and scientific expressions and images – plotted on the walls surrounding columns. These “cribs” make a kind of the third information layer of the exhibition.

“The Universe of Water” contains also the entertainment zone. A film “Music of Water” enables us to hear water sounding in the nature: rain drops, water fall noise, river splashes, and ocean roaring…

A separate section of the multimedia complex – “Water in the city” – tells about St.Petersburg and the close relationship between this megapolis and water in the course of history.

The visitors will learn facts about St.Petersburg establishments, its bridges, embankments and channels; about floods in the Northern capital; about the struggle of two elements – fire and water – in the history of the city and about fire water supply; about water holidays.

The exhibition enables us to better understand the meaning of water in the architectural aspect of St.Petersburg, learn about investigations of water and water resources by St.Petersburg scientists, get acquainted with the sea gate of Russia – island-city Kronstadt.

The visitors will see ships which furrowed the Neva before the foundation of the city; a model of an amazing bridge which was drawn by the flanges not upward like today, but sideways.

A separate installation is dedicated to all the known and unknown floods which happed in the city (around 307). The interactive screens will help you clarify the toponymy of the city’s water environment: existing rivers and channels and those which were filled in or enclosed in a pipe; bridges and ports.

A special subject of the exhibition is “Water as a source of inspiration”. Here you can admire the artworks of a certain painting genre – marine (seascape) – performed by famous artists.

Entrance to the Universe of Water

Here we not only describe exhibits – here we show real chemical experiments

Installation in the Universe of Water

Some inhabitants of the Universe of Water

One of the most popular exhibits – Water Globe

It is more convenient to watch the movie while seated on the drop-shaped cushions