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The Underground World of SPb

The multimedia exhibition "The Underground World of St. Petersburg" and a large-scale map of the Neva river with up-to-date equipment to show a hydrological regime and an environmental situation in the city is situated in the left extension of the old Water Tower.

In the spacious hall there is a large model of the historical center of St. Petersburg created by the Institute of Architecture by the order of SUE "Vodokanal of St. Petersburg". The model gets alive and lightened by opalescent lights; at the same time, a film shown on the screen above the model tells about a current state of the water supply and wastewater treatment in St. Petersburg and Vodokanal's role in the city life. An unforgettable trip to the installation «The Underground World of St. Petersburg" gives an opportunity to follow the whole way of water going under the streets and houses. From the water intake facilities on the bottom of the Neva through the filters of the Water Works, then through the city water pipelines the visitors come to the basement of a common house from where water is going up to the flats. Visitors can walk on the bottom of the sewers, visit the Bely Island where the first large wastewater treatment plant in St. Petersburg – The Central WWTP - was opened in 1978.

In this part of the museum the theatricalized approach is used for demonstration of the material in order to help the visitors to see the megalopolis's life "from within" and to feel the rhythm of its infrastructure.

A detailed cutout model of the central part of the city adorns the Underground World of St.Petersburg Exhibition

During the excursion it makes sense not only to keep eyes open but also to mind your step

Visitors of the exhibition undertake a journey through the underground utility lines